Krispan, the Consulting and Training Leader

Krispan is a Consulting and Training company. Our Very Professional Services are designed to make our clients successful. We provide Management Training and Consulting services and are leaders in Technology services.

Smart Consulting Training and Continued Education Management For Succes

Krispan is a Management and Technology services and IP Development company providing complete Management, hardware, firmware, software and systems design.

Our Management Consultants understand the ins and outs of Managing a Product, a Program, a Project, and most of all a Team.  We have come up with a Dynamic Management program that will be the backbone of seeing success in these four fields.

On our Technology front, we have experienced and state of the art software and hardware professionals in the US and in India who provide design services that you can count on.  Our Engineers can work with you to enhance a current product or take a new idea from concept to production.

Krispan provides complete turn-key solutions which includes a complete hardware design process from specifications through RTL to GDSII (rtl design, chip verification, physical design), and IP Cores Development and Integration.

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